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Whether you have a property in the market that is not being noticed, want to increase property value to maximize the returns of your real state investments, or simply want to improve your current house, we have a solution for you. Regardless of your design needs, Casa Sur offers various solutions that fit with your project and your budget.

Services: Services

Staging properties for sale

Show  potential buyers the potential of your property

Having difficulties selling your house? We help you identify the problem areas, and offer options to improve them and facilitate a sale. From small touch ups, to staging your house to maximize the potential of the property and increase value, we can bring a solution.

Increase property value by giving your property a touch up or a whole make over

You don't need to move to a new home to enjoy a new space. Renovating your current space can bring joy to spaces that have become tired or simply are no longer making you happy and can increase property value. From the concept to the implementation of your project, we can support you.


Renovate your current space


Interior Styling for Rentals

get higher returns by renting your property furnished

Looking to get your real state investments ready for renting? We can help you furnishing and adequate your property, according to your needs. We can help you with any budget and any property size. Save money and achieve better end results by using our designer discounts.

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