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One of the most rewarding designing styles is the Eclectic one. It allows you to not to compromise on one style but mix styles, periods, cultures, distinct objects, and making them look cohesive. It is in our opinion the style which when done right and truthfully, reveals the most about ourselves and feels the homiest. Nevertheless, there are ways to achieve a result that is in its diversity, harmonic and not chaotic. Here some tips to achieve a perfect result.

Break the Rules

Is your house, so go by your own rules. Everyone has different interests and preferences. Some of us spend years collecting special items which are dear to us. To create an eclectic style, take your more precious collections and expose them (photos, shells, stones, old cameras, etc). Use the colors you are crazy about. Add textures if they transmit energy to you. Know yourself and what is important to you. Expose items that make you happy or proud and go around them to complete the rest of the style.

In this project from #PattyKennedyInteriors different chairs are matched. They are different but share the same shape, for example. A collection of paintings are in display, they represent a good mixed of what the owners like. They are from different times, styles and forms but when arranged together, they succesfully create an immediate eye catcher.

Mismatching with a purpose.

Find mismatching items that go well together. Find a pattern, a color line, proportions, in short, a common ground to add coherence to the group, when exposed together. Try also unconventional matches and don't be afraid to be bold. Add elements to your project one by one and check if they go, as you shoudl not be afraid to add elements to your space, also be critical and edit until it feels right.

This project from Antonio Martins, is a good example of this. The painting in the dining room, from a different period, is matched with a mid-century dining room and chairs, in a modern space. The vintage chairs in the living room are matched with a furry bank. A display of a collection of locks makes it personal and interesting.

Mix Furniture Styles

The Eclectic style allows you to treasure the old and the new. Have a piece of furniture that belonged to your grand mother and that you want to display? Through this style, is possible. Eclectic plays the old well with the modern. A good way to make pieces of furniture work together, is make sure they do not compete but complement.

In this dining room from #CityhomeCollective, the modern embraces the old and creates a space that is both warm and fun.

While Eclectic might give you "card blanche" remember this does not equal that everything goes. Contrast styles, but keep it to a couple to maintain an harmonic feeling. Play with textures and colors, but remember that there are rules for that. Play with the elements you want to display in your final design, mix them and match them, edit them and remember the space should feel comfortable to be enjoyable.

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