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Finding your style is key to start preparing your project. Identifying your design style will help you chose the right accents, colors, objects or textures, helping you make better and more cohesive decisions. If you are working with a designer, it will help him/her to come up with a design that matches exactly your preferences and taste.

Here we'll explain some of the more popular design styles to help you in identifiying which one matches your taste better.

Modern Style

Modern is a design term used to represent a minimalistic design with clean, simple, crisp lines, with a simple colour palette for all the elements in the space, including furniture, cabinets and lights. Every item in a modern design has a purpose and is there for practical reasons.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware


This design style encompasses a sense of industrial in an urban context, where the use of open spaces is exploted to the maximum. The style comes from the conversion of old factories or industrial spaces into lofts, where key elements of the design are aged finishes, combined with metals and raw textures like exposed bricks and ductwork, stone walls, wood, concrete walls and floors, open beams. This style can be polished so a more elegant look can be achieved.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

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Farmhouse style comes originally from rural houses where decoration was a mix of handy and practical items, whether passed down generationaly, or found in local or flea-markets. Currently, this style embodies a cleaner more casual look. Traditional materials and aged pieces are part of this style. A mix of old and new pieces (old or reclaimed pieces) gives the idea of a constant transforming environment, that bring the old days of the farm to the new times, upscaling the style.


French Country

This style finds inspiration in the countryside houses found especially in the French Provence, who ahcieves a perfect combination between rustic and elegant. Here the use of furnishing fabrics in linen and bright patterns like flowers and tartan frame the style, as do the upholstered armchairs, whitewashed or painted for a more natural look. This style also focuses on damaged wooden furniture and old accessories. Regarding colors, the use of gray wood on typical country pastels fits perfectly with the country style.

Elle Decor


This style is vibrant and colorful, full of character, and nurrishes on patterns and textures and souvenirs from adventures. Often the style is achieved by layering furniture with blankets, pilows, cushions, decoration, images, so it feels more cluttered than other styles. A mix of vintage or retro pieces connect with plants and achieves a real bohemian look. Depending on the styling, it is possible to achieve an informal or a more grown up- chic finish.


This style characterizes by the mix of styles, periods, textures, cultures. It is most interesting in the sense that is the style that allows to expose the character and personality of people by adding elements that true have a meaning for the owner of the space. When done succesfully, this style is the one that has a more unique and personal feeling. while everything goes, there is a fine line to prevent the style from feeling too crowded, messy or chaotic.

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